Ovis Angelica

Divine Sheep's Cheese

All Ovis Angelica Cheeses suitable for Vegetarians 

 Handcrafted and made according to strict organic principles.
The only Breeder of SA Milk Sheep in South Africa.


More about the sheep

Sheep - triple purpose species

You can keep up to four times as many sheep per hectare as cattle, they reproduce faster and not only give wool but milk and nutton.

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Ovis Angelica - Cheese Products

No colourants or preservatives

Ovis Angeilca does not use any stabalisers, colourants, preservatives or any other chemicals in the production of their cheeses.

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Nutritional Value of Sheep milk

The superiority of sheep milk lies in the milk composition when compared in relative terms to goat’s and cow’s milk. Especially in the...

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